Shmuel Ahituv, Ben Gurion University

HaKetav VeHamiktav, Jerusalem 2005

My book HaKetav VeHamiktav. Handbook of Hebrew Inscriptions from the Land of Israel and the Kingdoms beyond the Jordan in the Period of the First Commonwealth, Jerusalem 2005 was published with the assistance of the Jeselsohn Center.

The book’s aim and contents is well described by its detailed sub-title. It is an annotated collection of the First Temple Period inscriptions in Hebrew and its cognate languages, from Judah and Israel, Moab, Ammon and Edom, it includes also the ‘Book Of Balaam’ from Tell Deir Alla, and inscriptions from Philistia. The inscriptions include photographs and facsimiles, transcriptions as well as pointed versions of the transcriptions, being the first step of their detailed commentaries. Selected bibliography follows each inscription or group of inscriptions. The introduction presents the material, the script and orthography of the inscriptions; the principals of the commentary and pointing system of the inscriptions; and annotated bibliography. An appendix on the proper names and indexes conclude the book.

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