DVIR RAVIV, The Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department, Bar-Ilan University

The Distribution of Bar-Kokhba Coins in the Northern Judean Hills: An Update

This article presents three bronze coins, restruck by the Bar Kokhba administration, that were recently discovered at three sites in the highlands north of Jerusalem, a region where there have been relatively few finds from the period of the second revolt. First coin was discovered in 2014 in hiding complex at Khirbet el-Maqatir in Bethel highlands; second coin was discovered in 2015 in Qibia cave north-east of Modi’in; and third coin was discovered in 2019 at wadi er-Rashash in south Samaria desert. These coins supplement the existing archaeological information and other Bar Kokhba coins previously discovered on the margins of this region. They offer the first clear evidence that parts of the northern Judean Hills were occupied by Bar Kokhba rebels or their supporters at least until the third year of the war.


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