The Jeselsohn Epigraphic Center for Jewish History supports a variety of activities that touch upon the research of Jewish history in light of epigraphy. Activities of the center include the giving of scholarships and research grants to researchers and excelling students; documentation, photography, and illustration of inscriptions and epigraphic finds and their preparation for publication; organization and support for scientific conferences and study evenings; support in the preparation of research for publication, their editing and translating; support in distribution of MA and doctoral theses; support with the processing and attending of archaeological artifacts and their preparation for publishing (examples: the excavations at Khirbet Yatir, the survey of caves in the Judean Desert, the survey of the Te’omim Cave, the Aramaic inscriptions collection from Maresha, the plaster inscriptions from the synagogue at Tel Rehob, and the Hebrew inscriptions from Herodium).

Yattir – Church of the Monastery – Atrium inscription (Iosi Bordowicz)

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