The Jeselsohn Epigraphic Center for Jewish History supports a variety of activities that touch upon the research of Jewish history in light of epigraphy. Activities of the center include the giving of scholarships and research grants to researchers and students; photography and illustration of inscriptions and epigraphic finds and their preparation for publication; researchers’ travel expenses to and from scientific conferences; salary expenditures; support for scientific conferences and workshops; support in the translation and editing of research articles for English publication; support in the publishing of MA and doctoral theses; computer equipment as well as the support with the processing and attending of artifacts and their preparation for publication.

Photos (left to right): Scroll 1 from Har Yishai Cave (Roi Porat), Yattir Church of the Monastery atrium inscription (Iosi Bordowicz), An Aramaic marriage contract from Maresha (Esther Eshel)

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