Hava Bracha Korzakova, Bar-Ilan University

Two papyri from Khirbet Qazone, Jordan.

In 2004, the late Prof. Hanan Eshel handed me two papyri (presently in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem) and said that they came from Khirbet Qazone cemetery in Jordan. Except for the provenance, I did not receive any information on them at that time.
The first one is from the Roman Period, and the second seems to be Early Byzantine. The first one is relatively long (32 lines), almost complete (except for some lacunas and erased letters) and relatively legible. The second one is shorter (only 9 lines) but it also presents an almost complete document, less legible. Both documents are letters. Both are written on verso (against the fibers).
After bibliographic research, I have found that one of the papyri was already published, therefore I focused on the second one.  I have presented the preliminary results of my research in the Annual Conference of the Israel Society for the promotion of Classical Studies in 2009. The papyrus will hopefully be published in the Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik (ZPE).

Khirbet Qazone papyrus


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