Amos Frumkin, Hebrew University

Holy Land Atlas: Judean Desert Caves

The Holy Land Atlas portrays some of the most famous caves in the world, including the hiding sites of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It also includes most of the largest caves in Israel, and some of the most exciting arid-zone caves in the world. The maps and the text are based on tens of years of studies by the Israel Cave Research Center of the Hebrew University, and by other scholars. Research results on the geology, archaeology and biology of the caves are discussed with references to additional information. The atlas’ body text is written in Hebrew, but its detailed maps, color illustrations and English references appeal to everybody, including scientists, hikers and speleologists alike.
Amos Frumkin, the atlas editor, serves as a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As the leading cave scientist in Israel, his research is associated with underground (speleological) natural and geoarchaeological features using earth-sciences methods, such as geomorphology, radiometric dating, and stable isotopes.
He has authored and co-authored about 100-referenced articles and several books.
He founded and directs the Cave Research Center of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Together with his students and co-authors he has studied karst formations and caves for tens of years.

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